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Aboriginal Country Rock Songs

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Released March 19, 2015

Aboriginal Country Rock Artist

Live In Your Head

Best Aboriginal Country Rock Songs
Best 10 Saloon Rock Ballads

The True Story Behind Arthur Knevone

Who was Author Unknown?

He was an Old Aboriginal Farmer named Arthur Knevone who wrote famous poems like ‘Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue’ to his wife. The Scholars & Publishers misread his signature and Arthur Knevone became Author Unknown.

So when you read a poem by Author Unknown, Think of that Old Farmer named Arthur Knevone.

Tales of Knevone, is the Best Collection of Real Aboriginal Country Rock Songs based on the Real Life Stories of Arthur Knevone.

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Uptown Musicians

Jeari Czapla – All Instruments, except were noted.
Marc Pearce Piano [Don’t Leave Me]
Mark Bowman Vocals/Acoustic Guitar [All Because Of You]
Kelly Marques Drums [All Because Of You]
Brian Ratushniak – Bass [All Because Of You]
Melinda Sefa – Vocals [Don’t Leave Me]
Kumaran Reedy – Bass [Don’t Leave Me]

Production Credits

Album Production:
Executive Producer – Czapla Music Inc.
Engineer – Jeari Czapla
Mixed & Mastered – Digitally at Czapla Music Studio
Graphic Design – Czapla Music
Photography – Jeari Czapla
Recorded – July – April 2015

What Fans Say

Aboriginal Country Rock SongsHere is what our fans are saying about these 10 Canadian Aboriginal Country Saloon Rock Ballad Songs.

  • Great Aboriginal Songwriter,
  • that Native Country Guitar Player Rocks,
  • Emotionally Powerful Lyrics
  • True Stories Based On Real Life
  • Explains the Knevone Family History
  • Musically Well Written, Arranged and Recorded.
What Media Says

Aboriginal Country Rock SongsHere is what the Media is saying about these Top 10 Canadian Aboriginal Country Saloon Rock Ballad Songs.

  • Tales Of Knevone.
    – An Entertainment Standard
  • Cowboy Friendly Saloon Music.
    – World News Editor
  • It’s A Breathe of Fresh Air.
    – Arts & Entertainment World Editor
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