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Jeari Czapla Edmonton Guitar Teacher

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Edmonton Drum Lessons Best Prices Teacher Fees for $30 minute Percussion Single Paradiddle Lesson with Edmonton Drum Instructor Rudiments Weekly Learning Course.

Edmonton Drum Lessons Prices

Edmonton Drum Lessons PricesFees Prices Edmonton Drum Lessons

Weekly Package Prices
$30.00 per 30 minute lesson
$60.00 per 60 minute lesson

Monthly Package Prices
$120.00 per 4-30 minute lesson
$240.00 per 4-60 minute lesson

  • We got our Edmonton Guitar Lessons Pricing Right for you, our valued customer.
  • We Record Your Music Lessons in Our Studio, and Provide You with a Free Copy before Your Lesson is complete.
  • NOTE: We Do Not Charge for Membership Fees, Registration Fees, or any other Music Lesson Fees other Schools of Music may Charge.
  • We also Record Your original Music in Our Edmonton Recording Studio.
Edmonton Drum Lesson Price

Monthly 30

Music School Lessons Prices Monthly $30

$30 per 30 minute,
4 Lessons per Month,
Private Audio Recorded Guitar Lessons,

Monthly 60

Music School Lessons Prices Monthly $60

$60 per 60 minute,
4 Lessons per Month,
Private Audio Recorded Music Lessons,

8 WeekMusic School Lessons Prices Monthly $240

$240 for 8 Weekly 30 minute Speed Learning Course Private Audio Recorded Music Lessons,

Learn All Styles & Genres,..
Blues Rock,
Jazz Fusion,
Afro Cuban

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Singer Songwriting Courses,
Music Consultant,
Music Composition,
Music Arranging,
Brass & Woodwind,
High School Jazz Band,
Music Tutoring
Demo Band Recordings,
Music Transcriptions,

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Edmonton Drum Teacher
Jeari CzaplaEdmonton Drum Lessons Fees has been teaching Edmonton Drum Lessons since 1988, and sharing his passion and love for learning music.

Jeari started playing drums when he was 6 years old.

Czapla Music Studio was VOTED #9 on a Top 10 List of Music Schools to attend by the ONTARIO MUSIC SOCIETY. Read More

Our Drummer Endorsements
  • Tilo Paiz, the Great Timbales/Percussionist Drummer who once play with Carlos Santana has Recorded with and Performed with Jeari Czapla for two Decades.
  • Gordy Marshall, the Moody Blues Band, says “Jeari is a great guy and a wonderful musician.”
  • Joel Rothman, UK professional drummer and instructor, says, “Czapla Music Studio uses my Drum Books and I’m Proud to endorse them.”
  • Tim Waterson, fastest drummer in the world, says, “Czapla Music Studio is the best place to study drums in Edmonton.”
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