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Jazz Guitar Method Books

Jazz Guitar Course Curriculum

Jazz Guitar Method Book

Best Jazz Guitar Method Books
Complete Teachers Manual

Opus One For The Apprenticing Guitarist

Inspired by and Based on the Guitar Teachings of Lenny Breau who taught his son Chet Breau at GIT, Guitar Institute of Technology in the early 1980’s.

Opus One is an 8 Week Speed Learning Course that will prepare You for any University or College Music Program.

Opus One contains; Jazz Chords, Scales, Guitar Theory, Ear Training and some common Jazz Chord Progessions to practice Performance & Soloing.

Opus One is used as a Teachers Manual by many Guitar Instructors.

Opus One is an Easy Read while Advancing Your Guitar Skills through Our Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course. A Guitar Self Study Students Dream Book providing a Fast & Easy way for You to obtain a Higher Level of Musical Knowledge.

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Opus One History
Jazz Guitar Method Book Opus One FCOpus One, was Developed from the Hand Written notes of Lenny Breau when he was Teaching his son Chet at GIT in LA. Chet Breau gave Jeari photocopies of these notes to study from while Jeari was studying Guitar at the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg.

Jeari took those Hand Written photocopied notes and Developed Opus One. Chet Breau uses Opus One as his Teaching Manual. This Jazz Guitar Method Book prepares You for any Univeristy or College Music Program. It also Empowers Your Guitar Teachers to a Higher Level of Musical Education which is passed on to your students.

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Jazz Guitar Method Book Lenny Breau

Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist

Complete Jazz Guitar Method Book

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PDF Guitar eBook

Series: Jazz Guitar Education
Author: Jeari Czapla

Price = $40.00
Inventory: #CZMOP1G
ISBN: 0-9739954-0-8

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Series: Jazz Guitar Education
Author: Jeari Czapla

Price = $40.00
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Inventory: #CZMOP1G
ISBN: 0-9739954-0-8

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Length: 11.0″
Pages: 100

All Ages & All Genres
Use Opus One for all ages and all Private Guitar Lessons.

Simple the Best Jazz Guitar Method Book Available Online in the Market Today.

Written & Compiled to Help You Develop Your Guitar Skills Fast and Easy.

Over Four Decades of Music Experience Teaching Edmonton Guitar Lessons concluding with Positive Results Every Time and Great Student Success Stories.

Our 8 Week Speed Learning Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course was Inspired by the Guitar Teachings & Technical Styles of the Great Lenny Breau when he taught at GIT, Guitar Institute of Technology.

Meet The Author
The Author explains why this Jazz Guitar Course Curriculum ‘Opus One – for the Apprenticing Guitarist’ is So Popular with Jazz Guitarists and Music Lovers.


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