Jeari Czapla EPK

Jeari Czapla EPK
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Jeari Czapla EPK
After a life of devoting himself to music, excelling at jazz, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, country, and the storytelling tradition of his native Cree/Ojibwa heritage, guitarist-songwriter Jeari Czapla has moved firmly into… Worldbeat Music.

Is there nothing this guy can’t do?

“I can’t sing like Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Roy Orbison, or many other great vocalists,” he says. “As a singer, people hear me how they choose. Some say my vocal style is like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and someone once said I sounded like David Wilcox.”

So on his own dime, Jeari hired noted Edmonton jazz singer Ruth Blais and Brazilian Vocalist Andre Gibran for his fifth album, Not Only But Also – a horn-laden feast of bossa novas and sambas, led by Jeari’s classical guitar playing that’s sometimes compared to people like Lenny Breau, Django Reinhardt and the late Edmonton legend Gaye Delorme.

Among 100% original compositions on the new album, SunShine, Good Old Days and Little Chip are the singles, “romantic songs,” says Jeari, who wrote his album in five different languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Cree, and English, for a true “worldbeat” flavour.

He does everything himself – including translations, music scoring, engineering, mixing, mastering, and making his own music videos.

Future plans include a deep dive into his culture with a nod to “Little Chip,” based on the life of Chief Peguis, who signed the first Indigenous treaty (Treaty 1) with Lord Selkirk in 1816.

Jeari has been well known across Canada for decades, for his popular cover band Uptown Shuffle and other projects, and is looking forward to taking his unique brand of original worldbeat music onto the live stage, and radio.



Performing at the 2002 Aboriginal Music Awards at Rogers Place in Toronto for 7,500 fans – where his two-year-old daughter Ella somehow crawled up on the stage and unplugged dad’s guitar while he was playing.


His own dad taught him three chords – E, A and D – which he used to write his first song as a young boy called “Burnin’ Rubber”. Jeari later attended University of Manitoba’s music program, took private guitar lessons with Chet Breau (son of Lenny), and came to Edmonton in 1991 to enroll in Grant MacEwan’s then two-year music program.

Jeari Czapla Casper LiveMEDIA QUOTES:

“Jeari is a very tasty jazz guitarist“ – Ross Porter, CEO Jazz FM, Toronto

“…Edmonton’s Lenny Breau…” – Mike Ross, Edmonton Sun

“Czapla exhibits a notable grasp of both-hands-on-the-frets style…” – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

“Guitar aficionados have been impressed by the range and technique of that guy with the hard-to-pronounce name. Czapla creates some amazing sound scapes by using all his fingers simultaneously on the guitar frets.” – Gary McGowan, Vue Weekly.


Jeari Czapla EPK is simply remarkable. Performing a Two Hour Fine Dining Jazz Set Solo Guitar at Homefire Grill for Three Years and at Milestones Bar & Grill – South Common.

Jeari has performed for decades on various stages and venues across Canada and the USA since 1986. Garnering 10 Nominations for his 5 Canadian album releases, Czapla has achieved World Wide Success with his Native Cree-ative Original Jazz Compositions.

Achieving a Number #1 Album Status in Canada is not easy. Achieving that Twice is even more difficuly. Jeari’s Canadian Jazz Albums have been recognized at the 47th. Annual Grammy Awards in the “Best Jazz Duo or Group”, and category #48 for his second release entitled, ‘Dolce’.

Jeari Czapla EPK Music

Jeari Czapla EPK

Live Jazz Video
Live from Homefire Grill in Edmonton.

Live from Milestones in Edmonton.

Jeari Czapla EPK PerformanceRadio Airplay:
40 Countries World wide currently play
Jeari Czapla EPK Original Music. Excellent Musical Work.

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Jeari Czapla EPK Uptown ShuffleUptown Shuffle

The Country Band that Rocks Your Blues Away.

A Hard Working Edmonton Band Established in 1995 performing Corporate Functions, Seasonsal Festivals, Local Clubs and Private Functions.

A Versatile Family Conscientious Band Performing all the Major Genres of Music.

We have performed at Corporate Functions, Seasonal Festivities, and are looking to Perform at your Next Live Music Event.

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Uptown Shuffle is Available for All Genres of Music.
Performance Highlights
Jeari Czapla Uptown Shuffle

Versatile Repertoire:
Don’t be surprised if you’re at one of Uptown Shuffle’s Performances and you hear a Mix of old time Country Music like Haggard, Jones or Cash.

Or Some Blues like Junior Wells, T-bone Walker, SRV or Albert Collins. You will hear some Canadian Content Classic Rock like The Guess Who, Chilliwack, Bryan Adams, Powder Blues Band, Northern Pikes,.. You will even hear some Original Contemporary Jazz and Country Saloon Rock.

Yes We Play Our Original Music at Our Performances.

  • The Yale Hotel, Vancouver, BC
  • Northlands Agricom, Edmonton, AB
  • TELUS Stage, Edmonton, AB
  • Fairmont [The Hotel MacDonald], Edmonton, AB
  • New Years Eve – First Night Festival, Fairmount Hotel Edmonton, AB
  • The Yardbird SuiteEdmonton, AB, SOLD OUT [Official CD Release, For Ella]
  • Festival Place, Sherwood Park AB, SOLD OUT [Official CD Release, Dolce]
  • Jazz City Festivals, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg
  • Prairie Music Awards, Winnipeg, MB
  • Scotia Stage, Winnipeg, MB [North American Indigenous Games]
  • Toronto Skydome, 2001 Aboriginal Music Awards
  • Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto, ON
  • The RexToronto, ON
  • Barrie Jazz Festival, Barrie, ON
  • Gate 403, Toronto, ON
  • Dazzle Restaurant, Denver Colorado
Paid His Dues

Jeari Czapla Festival Place Sherwood ParkSuccess is Never Owned, it’s Rented, and Rent is Due Every Day.

Jeari Czapla EPK – After decades of continuously Performing and Improvising. Czapla continues to Pay His Dues in Edmonton Music Scene with his band Uptown Shuffle

Jeari Czapla EPK and his popularity continues to grow world wide as new fans and audience members discover his form of Jazz, Country, Rock, & Blues music including his Symphonic Compositions.

Jeari Czapla EPK and His passion for live performance and his ability to entertain audiences in any music venue is seldom exceeded.

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