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Not Only But Also Jazz Songs

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Not Only But Also


Released June 20, 2020
The Back Story

Not Only But Also Latin Indo JazzNot Only But Also Jazz Songs,

This is a Concept Album, and the Concept is Fun.

Imagine this is a Live Recording from a House Party Performance by Famous Jazz Musicians.

Two young men are desperately trying to find parking on the street for their beat up 1984 Dodge Aspen, and soon find themselves running down the street to stand in line with 12 other people before them.

The House Party is Sold Out and folks are starting to gather on the front lawn and the street just to get a listen.

Not Only But Also Jazz Songs Chronicals those two young men and they Fall in Love with Jazz and all of it’s forms like Bossa Bolero, Indo Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba, Funk and Jazz Swing.

The Album came into Existence through a True Passion for Learning and Performing in other Worldly Genres & Styles of Music intimately.

Uptown Musicians

Not Only But Also Jazz Singles Jeari Czapla Tilo PaizA Huge Shout Out to All the Very Talent Musicians I had the Absolute Pleasure of Working with on Not Only But Also Jazz Songs.

All of You are the Reason this Album Sounds So Good. Like the Great Tilo Paiz Plays ‘Black Magic Woman’.

Andre Gibran
Ruth Blais
Jeari Czapla
Bhuyash Neupane
Subash Giri

The Rhythm Section:
Tilo Paiz Percussions/Drums
Bhuyash Neupane
– Tablas
Don Marrotte

Casper Czapla – Rhythm Guitar
Jeari Bass/Drums

The Horn Section:
Wayne Gadbois: Tenor
Lindsay Redford: Trumpet

All Guitars & Sitar
Jeari Czapla

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Not Only But Also Jazz Songs Video

Official Release June 20, 2020
SunShine Bossa Bolero Jazz Video is the First Video Single Release from this Amazing Aboriginal Jazz Recording Connecting World Music’s like;

Latin, India Jazz, & Canadian,.. that are all linked through Jazz & Funk.

Production Credits
Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinRecorded at Czapla Music Studio

Written & Recorded
March 2019 – July 2020

Digitally Mixed & Mastered
Web & Graphic Design
Photography: Everyone Smile,..

Terrestrial International Radio

Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinOfficial Album Release:
June 20, 2020

Air Play:
First Single Release:
SunShine (Brillo de Sol) Bossa Bolero Jazz

Jazz Cafe FM : Jazz Cafe FM
92.9 fm : Radio Internacional Madrid
87.6 fm: Onda Latina Madrid

Writing & Arranging Credits

All Original Tracks Written & Arranged by Jeari Czaplaexcept where noted.

  • Bossa Nova, ©2008 Ruth Blais. Arrangement by Jeari Czapla.
    All rights reserved. International copyright secured
  • Tequila Speaks To Me, ©2019 Ken remeika. Arrangement by Jeari Czapla.
    All rights reserved. International copyright secured

Unauthorized reproduction, usage or duplication is strictly prohibited by law.

Czapla Music Catalogue,
NOT ONLY BUT ALSO – CZMCD05 ©2020 Czapla Music Inc

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