A Bug Jazz Symphony – Single

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A Bug Jazz Symphony Classical,

Dear Leonardo Jazz Symphony,

Composed by One of Canada’s Best Aboriginal Jazz Guitarists 



A Bug Jazz Symphony Classical

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The Back Story
A Bug Jazz Symphony Classical was Composed for all the Bumble Bees and Dragon Flies who discuss their Tiny Little Foot Prints they both leave on flowers and tree leaves.

A Touch of a Modern Classical Jazz Symphony.

World Jazz Charts

A Bug Jazz SymphonyDear Leonardo hit the World Jazz Charts.

What Fans Say:
– Beautiful Melodies woven through Harmony.
– Musically Well Written and Arranged.
– Virtuoso Jazz Guitar Playing.
What Media Says:
“Czapla is Versatile.“

– An Entertainment Standard
“Elevator Friendly Lounge Music.“

– World News Editor
“A Romantic Breathe of Fresh Air.“

– Arts & Entertainment Writer Unknown

A Bug Symphony Best Instrumental Album
– 2012
Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
A Bug Symphony Classical
Composed in the Spring of 2012,..

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