All Because Of You – Single

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Aboriginal Country Rock SinglesAll Because Of You Country Song,

Live In Your Head 10 Best Real Native Stories told by One of Canada’s Best Aboriginal Jazz Guitarists.




All Because Of You Country Song

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The Back Story
All Because Of You Country SongAll Because Of You Country Song was Composed Originally in 1997.

The Real True Story about my Mom and My Wife. My Mom use to make Homemade Wine and we would move the chairs out of the Kitchen and Dance on the Kitchen Floor, and that’s how we would spend out Friday Evening without any Money.

Live In Your Head is a Musical Biography of Arthur Knevone. The Real Truth behind the Story told about Arthur Knevone and how he became Author Unknown.

Tales of Knevone, is the Best Collection of Canadian Aboriginal Country Rock Songs based on the Real Life Stories of Arthur Knevone.

Who was Author Unknown?

The Native Farmer Arthur Knevone wrote poetry to his wife and the Publisher miss read Arthur’s signature, and Arthur Knevone became Author Unknown.

He was an Old Aboriginal Farmer named who wrote famous poems like ‘Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue’ to his wife. The Scholars & Publishers misread his signature and the History Books never reported how Arthur Knevone became Author Unknown.

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Don’t Leave Me Country Ballad Songs, Best Live In Your Head, Canadian Aboriginal Country Rock Music Album Songs by Renowned Indigenous Jazz Guitarist. Hoe Down Music.

Uptown Musicians
A Huge ThanQ to All the Very talented Musicians I had the Absolute Pleasure of Working on this album.

  • Mark Bowman Vocals/Acoustic Guitar [All Because Of You]
  • Kelly Marques Drums [All Because Of You]
  • Brian Ratushniak – Bass [All Because Of You]
  • Melinda Sefa – Vocals [Don’t Leave Me]
  • Kumaran Reedy – Bass [Don’t Leave Me]
  • Marc Pearce – Piano [Don’t Leave Me]
  • Jeari Czapla – All Instruments, except were noted.
What The Fans Say,..
All Because Of You Country SongCanadian Aboriginal Saloon Rock Music
What Fans Say:

  • Great Aboriginal Songwriting,
  • Emotionally Powerful Lyrics based in Truth about the Knevone Family History.
  • Musically Well Written and Arranged.
  • Great Native Country Rock Saloon Guitar Playing.

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What The Media Says,..
All Because Of You Country Songs gets rave reviews,

Tales Of Knevone.

  • An Entertainment StandardCowboy Friendly Saloon Music.
  • World News EditorIt’s A Breathe of Fresh Air.
  • Arts & Entertainment Writer Unknown

Aboriginal Country Saloon Rock Album Recieves Rave Reviews.

All Because Of You Country Song Video
This Tune was written in 1997 about my Mom and my Wife with a Very Positive Twist to the Story Line.

A Favourite Hit Country Song.

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