Bossa Nova – Single

Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinBossa Nova Jazz Samba Canadian Aboriginal World Music Album,

Not Only But Also 10 Best Real Native Stories told by One of Canada’s Best Aboriginal Jazz Guitarists.



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Bossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba

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The Back Story
Bossa Nova Jazz Dance SambaBossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba 7 Best ‘Not Only But Also’ Grammar BBC Sketch Theme Music Latin Bossa Bolero Jazz Indo Dance Album Songs English Spanish Vocalist Singers

was written Live On The Floor while I was Performing my two hour jazz set at Homefire Grill in Edmonton. I was performing there for nearly three years before COVID hit.

It was those Good Hearted People who Attended and Enjoyed the Musical Performance as if it was there own Home, their own House Party where the Live Band & Musicians play all kinds of Music Genres, World Music.

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Uptown Musicians
A Huge Shout Out to All the Very Talent Musicians I had the Absolute Pleasure of Working with on Bossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba.

Andre Gibran
Ruth Blais
Jeari Czapla
Bhuyash Neupane
Subash Giri
Lynda Szabo

The Rhythm Section:
Tilo Paiz Percussions/Drums
Bhuyash Neupane
– Tablas
Don Marrotte

Casper Czapla – Rhythm Guitar
Jeari Bass/Drums

The Horn Section:
Wayne Gadbois: Tenor
Lindsay Redford: Trumpet

All Guitars & Sitar
Jeari Czapla

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What The Fans Say,..
Not Only But Also Indo Jazz LatinCanadian Aboriginal World Music

  • Great Aboriginal Songwriting,
  • Great Musicianship.
  • Great Guitar Picking.

A Breathe of Fresh Air,..

What Media Says,..
Not Only But Also Latin Indo JazzBossa Nova Jazz Dance Samba is Canadian Aboriginal Music that is getting Rave Reviews from International Media.

  • An Entertainment Standard
    – “It is a Success Story.
  • World News Editor
    – “It’s A Breathe of Fresh Air.
  • Arts & Entertainment Writer Unknown
    – “Great Songwritting,..
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Not Only But Also

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