Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course

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Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course

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Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course Teachers Books with Weekly Lesson Plans that Teach Jazz Chords Scales Theory Ear Training and Performance. Best Complete Self Study Course to learn how music works this Teachers Manual based on the guitar teachings of Lenny Breau Jazz Guitar Book.

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Series: Jazz Guitar Education
Author: Jeari Czapla
Inventory: #CZMOP1G

ISBN: 0-9739954-0-8
Width: 9.0″
Length: 11.0″
Pages: 100
Printed on 8.5×11 24lb


Best Jazz Guitar Teachers Manual Curriculum Course Czapla MusicJazz Guitar Curriculum Course

Opus One is a jazz guitar curriculum course eBook built for high school guitar students attending music programs. A dream book for guitarists providing a higher level of musical knowledge.

Opus One is a work book self study guide for guitar afficisoants. Eleven weekly lesson plans preparing you for any University or College Music Program.

Opus One was written with you, the apprenticing guitarist in mind. To help you develop your jazz guitar skills fast. This jazz guitar method book is essential for University or College Music Program Students.

Opus One Contains:
Fourteen Weekly Lesson Plans, aesthetically layed out, easy to read and comprehensive. This 14 week speed learning course will prepare you for any university of college music program.

Three Written Exams,
– A theory work book involving penmanship and homework. The last exam is equivalent to the entry exam to any university or college music program.

Five Essential Guitar Scale Patterns,
– As taught by Jeari Czapla, Chet Breau and Lenny Breau.

– Five Guitar Scale Patterns, Arppegio’s and Chords, including Standard Musical Notation, Guitar Tablature, and Guitar Fretboard Examples.

Four Essential Guitar Chord Charts,
– Guitar Chord Charts with the CAGED System in Five Essential Keys organized numerically to play any hit song progressing to jazz chord charts.

Ear Training Exercises,
Learning to hear standard chord progessions while practicing your pitch matching, performance & guitar soloing, Chord quality recognition, pitch retention, pitch matching and chord progressions.

Opus One for the Apprenticing Guitarist, is a guitar students dream book and best friend providing all the answers to questions encouraging a higher level of musical knowledge.

Opus One is a great teachers manual for instructors and schools of music.

Weekly Guitar Lesson Plans

Jazz Guitar Method eBook

Complete Teachers Manual Best Prices, It’s a Theory Work Book including Ear Training and Performance.

Download Fourteen Weekly Lessons Plans

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Book Dimensions:
PDF Jazz Guitar eBook

Series: Jazz Guitar Education
Author: Jeari Czapla
Inventory: #CZMOP1G
ISBN: 0-9739954-0-8
Width: 8.5″
Length: 11.0″
Pages: 134
Prints on 8.5×11

Our Jazz Guitar Method Book Curriculum is so popular we converted it to Weekly Jazz eBook Lesson Plans.

Jazz Guitar Book Interview 
Jazz Guitar Curriculum Teachers ManualOn November 4, 2019, Graham Tippett wrote and published a Wonderful Article on Opus One for the Apprenticing Guitarist.

Unlock The Guitar read the article recently written on the Best Jazz Guitar Curriculum Course.

Student Success Stories

Over three decades of music experience teaching Edmonton Guitar Lessons concluding with positive results every time and great student success stories.

Years of instructing guitar students of all ages and genres is the basis that mirrors current guitar teaching styles.

For The Novice:
Opus One includes Tuning; Notes on the Fretboard; Musical Symbols; Notes in First Position; Four Beginner to Advanced Chord Charts; Clapping Rhythms; Strumming and Picking Exercises; and some Great Jam Songs examples.

For The Experienced:
Opus One includes Goal Setting; Practice Schedule; the Major Scale Formula, 5 Scale Patterns (Major, Minor, & Pentatonic); the Circle of Fifths & Fourths; Pitch Matching; Jazz Chord Charts.

Jazz Guitar Method Book Video
Opus One for the Apprenticing Guitarist is a Great Self Study Guide.


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