Morning Serenade – Single

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Morning Serenade Classical Guitar Single Latin,

One of Canada’s Best Renowned Aboriginal Jazz Guitarist,


Morning Serenade Classical Guitar

#1 on Canadian Classical Jazz Charts
Although this Album appear slow out of the gate For Ella took off and Reached Number One Status in Canada three years after it’s Official Release Date. This Album has Sold over 5,200 units worldwide and is currently heard on 33 Terrestrial Radio Stations World Wide.  

Morning Serenade Classical GuitarMorning Serenade Classical Guitar Songs was nominated in two categories and has Sold over 5,200 units worldwide.

  • Best Jazz Or Blues Album – Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards
  • Best Jazz Album – Prairie Music Awards
Morning Serenade Classical Guitar Video
Morning Serenade Classical Guitar is in 7/8 and part of a Four Song Suite all written in the Time Signature of 7.

It was Written in 1988 and Taught at the University of Manitoba in the Music Program to the guitar Students by Paul Hammer.

In 2000, Jeari & Corrine got Married to this Classical Guitar Song. Jeari played it while Corinne walked down the isle with her father.

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